Alice follows the rabbit because she is 'burning with curiosity.' Soon she finds things becoming 'curiouser and curiouser.'

Children are usually the people with the most curiosity; they are the ones who are always eager to learn more.

Yet, as we age, many adults lose that sense of wonder and curiosity that made life exciting as a child. We fall into routines, become set in our ways, and stop exploring new ideas or perspectives.

Too often, adults prize opinion over understanding certainty over complexity. This makes conversations dull and closes minds. The most boring individuals are those who think they already know it - who approach the world with rigid assumptions rather than an openness to learn.

True wisdom comes from retaining a beginner's mind: recognizing how much we don't know, asking questions, and pursuing knowledge with humility.

To be interesting, we must remain as genuinely curious as children, viewing life as a grand adventure filled with mysteries to unravel. Burning with curiosity, not hardened by assumptions, is the path to becoming the most fascinating person in any room.

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Curiosity is a journey that starts with an awareness that there are things we don't know. And to be the most interesting, one must first be curious.


Vincenzo Landino

A genuinely curious gent that frequently falls down the rabbit hole. Does that make me Alice?